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At DRMS we take pride in giving you the best service available. Here is what can be expected from our service bureau when we scan and archive your records and documents

  • We pick up and deliver all digitized records at no extra cost.
  • We prep all documents and make them scan-ready.
  • We provide you with your choice of index fields per your request.
  • We deliver 2 copies of certified CDs including viewing software at no additional cost.
  • We fax back any documents that you may need free of charge during normal business hours, 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.
  • We provide a 4-step quality assurance process to guarantee quality.
DRMS has document scanning solutions for various types of organizations.

School Record Scanning

Transcripts, cumulative folders, medical records, payroll, certification, personnel records, district meeting minutes. Behind the goal of producing a fine education is a mountain of paper. These are important documents that must be filed, stored, and retrieved. With DRMS there are no more lost files. No more storage space needs. No more wasted time. With our services all your files are conveniently at your fingertips, at multiple locations, accessible to multiple users.

Government Scanning

Having the right information readily available to your staff and the general public is a basic requirement for any public government office. The time required to search through large volumes of documents can be incredibly frustrating to you and the public, especially if the document is in use or temporarily misplaced. DRMS can scan or convert your documents into electronic files that you can share anywhere, at any time, with anyone, using the latest technology for fast and secure retrieval. Our archiving methods exceed industry standards. By creating microfilm rolls using Kodak processing labs, in addition to our quality scanned images, your electronic documents become a permanent record. Our ability to service your needs onsite or at our secure location makes us the intelligent choice for all your scanning and imaging needs.

Industry Scanning

Using the latest technology for fast and secure retrieval, DRMS can scan or convert documents into electronic files that you can be shared anywhere, at any time, with anyone. All vouchers, statements, reports, invoices, or bills of lading can now be accessed immediately and printed, faxed, or e-mailed . No more misfiling. No more duplicating. No more walking paper down the hall. Storage is now confined to a disc, server space or on you PC. That translates into money saved.

Medical Scanning

The need of a healthcare facility to track, manage and retrieve current and accurate patient and staff information is of vital importance. We provide your practice with the ability to immediately access Medical Records, E.O.B.’s, or other important documents. DRMS is an affordable document imaging service bureau that provides healthcare facilities with document scanning and imaging services. Our HIPPA compliant, secured access controlled facility will deliver your documents on medical grade CD’s that have been lab tested to last over 100 years. DRMS utilizes state of the art Kodak imaging equipment and the latest imaging software technology available. If your office is utilizing an EMR, DRMS can scan in virtually any format, so that images can be imported directly into any program of choice. For permanent archiving, we provide healthcare facilities with microfilm technology in addition to your CD’s. Whatever the need, DRMS has the solution.

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